MERIT–UMR 216 – Mother and child facing tropical infections

Team leader : Philippe Deloron


The team Parasitology involves 4 researchers, 5 teachers-researchers, 1 post-doc, 4 scientists and 4 PhD students. Our work is dedicated to study patho-physiological mechanisms during infectious diseases, including pregnancy-associated malaria, as well as their consequences for the health of the mother, the offspring, and the infant. Programs include 3 mains domains:

  • Parasite factors involved in clinical symptoms of malaria: the studied parasite factor is rbc adhesion to endothelial cells, with a cell and molecular biology approach
  • Vaccine design in the context of pregnancy-associated malaria, involving the induction of immunity blocking the adhesion of infected rbc to the placenta
  • Biochemical identification of therapeutic targets, privileging two metabolic pathways: transports to and outside the parasite digestive vacuole and the phosphorylation / déphosphorylation cycles via protein kinase A